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Bellia Preziosi

“The need to grow”

Is the Bellia Preziosi’s ethos. It is due to this attitude that the company can provide work for a large number of employees and is capable of constantly delivering a high standard of craftsmanship. By covering the whole process from making, selling, trading and manufacturing to the refining of precious metals, Bellia Preziosi becomes a mechanism which works with the precision of a Swiss watch, the strength of a diamond and the purity of gold.


Frames and custom rings design


Ask around, for more than 40 years our family operate in the jewellery business, a statement never denied, efficiency unopposed confirmed by our presence on the territory. Because our commitment is fed by your loyalty.


We are waiting you in our store

via Principe Umberto , 183,
93016 Riesi, (CL)
+39 0934 341782